Seamus Begley & Steve Cooney GIG

aciclovir tablets and alcohol. cialis for sale vancouver. After almost 20 years James Begley and Steve Cooney are back in Ventry in PA?idAi?? Ai?? SAi??’s ag seinnt le chAi??ile in what will be a night to remember.

During the 90s, the duet Begley and Cooney reached national acclaim and were regarded as one of the foremost performers of Irish music. Steve Cooney pioneered a new approach to traditional accompaniment and formed a perfect marriage with the energetic West-Kerry style of Seamus Begley. During this time they recorded the highly acclaimed album ai???Meithealai??i?? and were awarded the National Entertainment Award in 1997.

Contact: PA?idAi?? Ai?? SAi??’s Pub for details

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