Programme of events for ComA?rtas Peile 2014


Below is the programme of events taking place at the much anticipated 25th anniversary of the Phonewatch ComA?rtas Peile PA?idA� A� SA�. We are looking forward to seeing you all and hope you enjoy your time in CiarraA� Thiar !

21st-23rd February, 2014
Friday A�From 6:30pm:9:30pm to late: Team registration followed by Big Ala��s BBQ in PA?idi Oa��SA�a��s pubCeltic rock by a�?Woodbinea�� followed by DJ & late barLocation: PA?idi Oa��SA�a��s pub & ComA?rtas marquee, Ceann Tra, Ventry 


Saturday12pm:4pm: 7pm: 9:30pm-late: 1st round matchesSemi-final matchesPlayers banquet – smart casual in ComA?rtas marqueeLive music from a�?Bog The Donkeya�� followed by DJ & late bar entertainment



Sunday10am:11am-4pm: 4pm:5pm



ComA?rtas mass at SeipealA�NaomhA�Caitlin, Ceann Tra6 x mena��s & ladies finalsA� a�� see poster from 11th FebruaryMusic by a�?Acoustraa��Man/Lady of Tournament presentations in PA?idia��s pub

Launch of Inpho Photographic Agencya��s A�a�?Irish Sports Starsa�� photo exhibition by Mick Oa��Dwyer in PA?idia��s pub

Live music by a�?Acoustraa��

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