PaAi??di Ai?? SAi??’s Pub in Ventry, Co. Kerry, Ireland

PaAi??diai??i??s Pub in Ventry, Co. Kerry

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This quaint pub situated in the heart of one of Irelandai??i??s only Gaelic (Irish) speaking areas is a true icon of what Ireland is about. There is a great sense of tradition in the pub, not only from the point of view of sports, but also famous political figures, movie stars and other celebrities that have been to visit the pub. There is a true sense of peace in the area.

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2 Responses to "PaAi??di Ai?? SAi??’s Pub in Ventry, Co. Kerry, Ireland"

  1. Judge Ron Chapman says:

    Paudi: Met you at your Pub about 10-12 years ago the day after you had lost a semi in the All-Ireland. You were most gracious.

    We are/were friends of the late, great Walter Hagen of American Airlines in Dallas, who brought Dolly Parton to Kerry once upon a time.

    On our next trip after that, had the good fortune to stay at Tom (O’) Conor’s B & B in Kenmare, which has become our co-favorite along with the Dingle area. I think Tom may have been a Trainer or Assistant Trainer for you at one time. Wonder if he’s still alive?

    I read your auto-biog and found it very interesting; You planning on another one?

    Just wondering what you are doing these days. Did you ever go into politics? I’m retired and living in east Texas about 55 miles S E of Dallas.

    We were last in Ireland, on our fourth trip, in Tipperary in Thanksgiving of 2010. Hope to return one more time, although I’ll be 73 in September.

    Wishing you & the Kerrymen well. I was hooked on GAA after watching you on our first trip! Slainte!

  2. Judge Ron Chapman says:

    Oh My God. I just found out about Paudi’s sad death by scrolling the Book of Condolence. You can see from my comments above how much I thought of this lad. Can anyone tell me about his passing and how his family might be doing. God be with Paudi, and you.