FundA?ireacht PA?idAi?? Ai?? SAi??

FundA?ireacht Paidi O SeFundA?ireacht PA?idAi?? Ai?? SAi?? is a charitable foundation that aims to provide much needed services in Kerry and nationally.

Our first objective is to provide Kerry General Hospital with a cardiac CT scanner which is a non-invasive method of detecting heart disease.

In its first year FundA?ireacht PA?idAi?? Ai?? SAi?? is also committed to providing funds to the Mater Foundation to assist them in their ongoing fight against heart disease.

PA?idAi?? was a man of the people and our fundamental aim is that all funds raised will go directly to the betterment of Irish communities that he so dearly cherished. prednisolone 5mg for children. awc conadian pharmacy promo code. zovirax no prescription.

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