Who Was Getting You Home Safe And Sound?


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Remember when you missed the bus andA�you didn’t have a lift to your rented house or hotelA�during the Comortas Peile Paidi O’Se weekend?A� Yes, that was John L and his team of drivers helping you get from A to B in their range of Opel cars including the seven seater Zaphira,A�Astras and Insignias.A� They were provided by Dave and his team at Opel Ireland, our Comortas transport partners.

OpelA�Ireland hasA�been a partner of PaidiA�and his Comortas weekend for the past couple of years.A� They provided him with a vehicle as he made long journeys toA�visit all theA�GAA clubsA�around Ireland before they would participate in the Comortas.A�The O’Se family are delighted that Opel Ireland continued to support Comortas 2013 after Paidi’s passing.

The O’Se family and Comortas Committee


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